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This is the start of a site dedicated to the very uniquely capable Fuji GX680 camera, and its five models, the Fuji GX680, Fuji GX680s, Fuji GX680II, Fuji GX680III, and Fuji GX680IIIs. 


If you are not familiar with this incredible medium-format camera, highlights include a  

full lens lineup with renowned Fujinon optics, from 50mm to 500mm (CaptureTek has 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 135, 150, 180, 190, 210, 250, and 300mm lenses available for rental). Each lens can be used as a close-up / macro lens thanks to the built-in bellows, made even longer with optional 40mm and 80mm extension rails.  


Furthermore, each lens has full tilt, swing, and shift capability, far surpassing medium format tilt/shift lenses being offered often with just one focal length, and with slow speeds and high price-tags. Each lens is designed to cover the original 6x8cm film format, plus have a big enough image circle to have lens movements at 55x75mm. It goes without saying, you will have plenty of coverage for the typical 36x48mm digital back sensors, and even can use the CG V mount stitch adapter that Capturetek rents, to get a 75mm x 48mm 70mp sensor equivalent. With the regular Fuji GX680 digital back adapter, available for both rentals and purchase, in both V mount and Mamiya mount, Capturetek rents Phase One 39mp P45 V mount digital back. Through our own testing, the Fujinon lenses, even with their far larger image circles, have similar sharpness and contrast to the finest Mamiya 645 and Hasselblad CF / HC lenses with a digital back, and surpass all the other lenses when stitched. 


If you would like to contribute any information or images to this site, or be part of its volunteer development, please contact Mir Lada at 647-895-5232 or send message


I have an extensive collection of cherry-picked Fuji GX680 gear for sale. Included in this list is almost everything made for the system. I am a huge fan of the system, and spent years learning and testing every piece I could could obtain, in order to be a GX680 consultant and trainer. I bought multiple systems to run courses on the camera, since it is such a unique system, that provides incredible quality and versatility for the price. While shooters go nuts whenever Hartblei or Schneider release a tilt/shift lens for Mamiya, EVERY lens in the Fuji GX680 lineup is tilt/shift AND macro. 


I am keeping at least one of each lens, camera model, and accessory. Below is a list of extra gear I bought to run the courses, which never happened, and may not happen on the scale I bought for. I remain a huge fan of it, of course. 

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